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School Uniform Policy

At Ireland Drive, our focus is on academic success.  To that end, we adhere to a strict uniform policy in an effort to alleviate any unnecessary distractions that keep your student from learning.  Please familiarize yourself with the attached policy.  It is strictly enforced.

2018-2019 School Uniform Policy
(Printable version)

 Shirts must be plain solid navy or solid white collared or button-down shirts, long or short sleeved.
 Logos, print or embellishments are not permitted.
 White or navy undershirts may be worn underneath uniform shirts as long as they are plain without visible logos.

 Khaki or navy blue shorts, skirts or pants made of chino or cotton twill material must be worn.
 Cords are not allowed.
 Khaki or navy denim pants are not allowed.
 Shorts and skirts must be knee length.
 Cargo pants/shorts are not permitted.
 Skinny pants, jeggings, leggings, and joggers are not permitted.

 Sneakers with rubber soles, no more than ankle height must be worn.
 Boots, heels, wedges, flats, and sandals are not permitted. Sneakers must remain fastened with ties or Velcro.
 Light up shoes are not permitted.
 Left and right shoes must match – swapping shoes with another student is not permitted.

 Plain white or plain black socks must be worn; no visible logos or print.
 Girls may wear plain white or navy tights, or flesh-tone hose.

 Only plain, solid navy or solid white pullover sweaters or sweatshirts may be worn.
 Sweaters/sweatshirts with embellishments are not permitted.
 Hoodies of any kind are not permitted.
 Students may wear IDMS sweatshirts purchased through the school.
 Jackets are permitted during class change only, regardless of their color.
 Jackets and sweatshirts are not allowed to be worn around the waist.

 Hats may be worn to and from school. Upon arrival, students need to put them away in their lockers.
 No headgear of any kind will be allowed during school hours.
 Certain exceptions may be considered by the administration.
 Uniform shirt will be tucked at all times of the school day.
 Students must wear brown or black belts if pants/skirts/shorts have belt loops. Sagging is not authorized.
 Items of fad nature, (i.e.: large headbands, bandanas, bows, etc.) will not be allowed during school hours. These items are left to the discretion of the administration. Headbands should be one inch or smaller in navy, white or black. Visible jewelry is limited to watches and/or stud earrings only.
 Team shirts can be worn on Fridays with uniform pants.
 IDMS t-shirts or sweatshirts can be worn any day with uniform pants.

Published by Carol Dunning on March 11, 2018
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