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Parents and Community


Ireland Drive Middle School will provide a quality education to all students by creating a partnership between home and school, encouraging parents to be stakeholders in the education of their children and staff to be nurturing facilitators of learning while involving community resources.

Our Mission Statement

Ireland Drive Middle School will empower all students to become high achieving, life-long learners by providing a nurturing environment and encouraging collaboration between home, school, and community.


 This image of the Home Base Parent Portal logo links to the Home Base Parent Portal Login Screen

Home Base Support – Home Base is a statewide student information system that replaced NC WISE. Home Base offers tools for parents, students, teachers, and administrators. 
Schools provided access code letters to parents/guardians. Parents can link their students to their accounts, so they only have one login to access students at multiple schools. Parents now have access to assignment information, grades and attendance.  This valuable tool provides parents with a “real-time” view of their student’s progress.  If you have specific questions about the Home Base Parent Portal, please contact your child’s school directly.

Small chalk board held by a man with a blue shirt and tie with the words "Code of Conduct"Student Code of Conduct 

English – 2019-2020 Student Code of Conduct

Spanish – 2019-2020 Codigo de Conducta Estudiantil


Community Volunteer ServicesVolunteers are very important to the success of education.

Please consider becoming a volunteer in your student’s school.  Click on the link for the volunteer application.  The application is electronically submitted for your convenience.

On behalf of IDMS … we thank you in advance.


How to register your child at Ireland Drive Middle School     

For Students Enrolling from Counties Other than Cumberland
  Last report card with promotion or enrollment status
–  Withdrawal documentation from the previous school                    
–  Shot record/immunization                                                                      
–  Birth Certificate                                                                             
–  IEP/504 (When applicable)                                                                 
–  Proof of address/residence    
–  Proof of custody (When applicable)  

For Students Enrolling from another Cumberland County School
  Last report card with promotion or enrollment status 
–  Withdrawal documentation from the previous school 
–  IEP/504 (When applicable)
–  Proof of address/residence
–  Proof of custody (When applicable)

 ** Note: Proof of address must be a current lease, rental agreement, or utility bill in the name of the parent/guardian enrolling the student.  **

Image of a stop sign with the words Read-Carefully insideParents Right to Know Statement

LEAs are required to notify parents of all children in Title 1 schools that they have the right to request and receive information in a timely manner regarding parent rights, including the professional qualifications of their children’s classroom teachers and paraprofessionals.

Please click the link for detailed information on Parents Right to Know Statement.


SOAR is an innovative program that makes it easy for parents to play an active role in their child’s education. SOAR is designed for military families and is easily accessible worldwide. Even if you are not military, this site provides a wealth of information for the rest of the public. SOAR Home is an internet-based application. Students take an assessment aligned to state standards, and SOAR directs them to an individualized tutorial to improve skills where assistance may be needed. Parents can monitor their child’s progress from anywhere and are provided with resource materials.

Parent Components Include:
• Easy access to their child’s accounts
• Links to the military installation, transition resources, and school websites
• Resources for at-home learning activities including videos with ancillary materials
• State-specific resources, such as state learning standards
• Links to the Department of Education and other Educational Resources websites

Student Components Include:
• Assessments aligned with state standards to identify their strength and weaknesses in reading and mathematics
• Tutorial lessons to reinforce and review skills not mastered
• Videos based on specific skill with related ancillary materials
• ACT/SAT prep materials including strategies, practice questions and more
Registering for SOAR:
1. Log on the Military Impacted Schools Association (MISA) website at
2. Click on the SOAR button (at the bottom of the page) on the Website
3. Register yourself and your child
4. Students can begin taking assessments immediately
5. Parents and children can then enjoy skills resources, analysis of assessments, utilize skills tutor lessons, view parent resources, and students can take targeted quizzes based on one skill.

Helpful Links
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Published by Gloria Mattocks on December 22, 2019